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SIMPAL Method Training


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What is the SIMPAL Method?

SIMPAL is an acronym that stands for Scan, Identify, Monitor, Probe, Act, Look-over.  Our training extensively teaches practitioners how to perform each step in the process of completing the SIMPAL Method. What makes this methodology unique is how it utilizes the scientific method to guide the practitioner through the process.

After completing our SIMPAL Method training you will know how to spot threats before anyone else does and understand what to do before they become a danger to yourself or anyone else.

Why the SIMPAL Method?

The SIMPAL Method was created to give practitioners structure and specific references when assessing threats.  We incorporated the scientific method into the SIMPAL Method allowing practitioners to follow a systematic approach they are already familiar with.  Our methodology is grounded by science since threat detection is directly rooted to social science and physiology.

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How to Learn the SIMPAL Method.

The best way to learn the SIMPAL Method is through in-person instruction.  We offer in-person classes and consulting for organizations who want to improve the knowledge and alertness of their workforce.  For individuals who are looking to grow their knowledge and perceptiveness in assessing and detecting threats, we offer three subscription options through our website members area.  Click over to the Plans & Pricing section to check them out!

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