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Threat Assessment & Security Consulting


SIMPAL Method Training

Our tailored instructing approach for businesses allows us to give each organization results based on their needs.  We can train all employees or have specific training sessions for employees and leadership to better suit the roles established within the business.  We will work with you to give you the best suited results for your staff.

Business Conference

Corporate Consulting

Many businesses have thought about security and know the value it provides, but don't know where to turn to.  We do comprehensive evaluations of your business and building using the SIMPAL Method to give you a plan that will put your mind at ease.  We can also be your go-to for all security needs.  Let us take care of working with vendors to set up your security program to the exact specifications of the plan we establish with you.

Security Guard

Residential Consulting

The single most important place everyone needs to be safe is within their home.  Despite whether you live with your family, pets, or alone, your home is your most personal and vulnerable space.  We do fully comprehensive evaluations of your home and lifestyle to ensure you and your most prized possessions are protected.  We will work with vendors to ensure you are completely covered without any gaps in security.

Modern House

Active Shooter Evaluations

We live in unprecedented times with more workplace and school violence than ever before.  Be prepared for the unexpected before any undesirable encounters occur.  We do comprehensive evaluations and consult based on our SIMPAL Method to give the best chance of self-preservation for all innocent bystanders.

Busy Conference
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