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Personal Security Applications

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

As an individual you're not likely to be a celebrity or even someone who works in a position that has garnered a large amount of attention to worry about people who might want to pose you physical harm. But you are likely someone who owns a house or lives in a place where security for yourself and your home is on your mind. Luckily, there are many options out there to suit just about anyone and their needs for security. There has been a large boom in the internet DIY (do-it-yourself) type of systems on the market, which may seem enticing due to their low pressure approach. These systems are fine, but only if you're not as concerned with actual security.

Everyone is familiar with at least one of the benefits having a security system installed in your home can provide. Not everyone is familiar with how personally gaining specific knowledge in assessing and detecting threats can increase ones awareness, ultimately making them safer anywhere they go. Threat assessment methodologies, such as the SIMPAL Method from Soteria Threat Solutions, can provide you with the knowledge and skill necessary to notice and understand what might be deemed a threat and how to process that information to keep you and others safe. The SIMPAL Method is similar to the training highly skilled protection agents receive at the highest points of the security industry. This type of training breaks down the information for anyone to become proficient, even if you have no security knowledge or background.

When looking at home security, issues do begin to present themselves when a system relies solely on a WIFI connection to run all of it's equipment. As it gets cheaper for companies to promote wireless, hands-off systems, the larger the holes in the security system the more issues begin to appear. If security is something you take seriously, and want to make sure your system is secure, a system that does not run solely on WIFI should be what you're looking for. Systems that only run on a WIFI signal present large security issues, opening the door to intrusion into the system from outside sources. With signal sharing between devices in nearby homes becoming a more popular practice for companies, the opportunity for those systems to be hacked into increases greatly.

As technology advances, there shouldn't be a need to rely on a system that leaves you open to intrusion. There are companies who prioritize their customers security by offering secure systems that do not run on a WIFI signal. At the present time, there are security systems that work primarily on a cellular signal, giving you all the same advantages that you're used to getting from using your cell phone. This technology is more costly to run, but it's benefits greatly outweigh any downside. Some of the greatest benefits these systems offer are the extra benefits of fire and medical protection in the home. When you have a monitored system, you know you're going to get a response at your house whether you are there or not. That is the piece of mind one of these systems can offer that many of the newly popular DIY systems cannot.

Of course there are many other options that become far more superior in technology, but they require more specialized installation and maintenance. If you happen to be someone who has greater security needs and requires a more advanced system, there are many technology companies who are able to handle all those needs. As you begin to explore more of these more advanced options, you will tend to find you'll also need someone to keep an eye on all of it as well. Security systems are typically only as good as the people watching over and monitoring those systems. If one of these systems is something you are interested in, it would be wise to partner with a watch guard company to be in place to respond to any issues that may arise.

When looking to hire security guards for a private residence, there are several factors you'll want to consider, but it will ultimately come down to how much you will be willing spend. Typically, the price of the guard service is going to directly correlate to the quality of the service. The higher the price, the higher the training and skill level of the guards who will be in charge of protecting your life. There is a significant difference in quality of a guard who has zero to minimal training and a guard who has invested months to years of training and proficiency into their craft of protecting others.

Guards who have minimal training will have limitations in their ability to respond to incidents and properly handle those incidents at the caliber of service that's expected. This guard should be used in a situation where there isn't a high risk of presence from the public and especially the potential of violent encounters. This person would be best for monitoring camera footage, checking for unlocked doors, or walking the grounds to look for issues and immediately calling for a police or EMS presence and not be expected to intervene in the event of any serious activity.

On the flip side, a guard who is properly trained will be able to handle any situation that arises on the premises. This is someone who can also double as a close protection agent for a public figure in the eye of the public. The experience of this type of individual is what sets them apart from anyone else. They have spent years of their life training for the worst possible scenarios and perhaps even had to witness and respond to those kinds of incidents in the past. Their professionalism and knowledge will prepare for an incident to the extent of preventing it all together. In the event an emergency does occur, they should also have the medical knowledge to treat anything from a paper cut to a heart attack. They should be your first line of defense until more help can arrive. There are companies who will be able to fit your needs for security, from the unskilled to the highly skilled.

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