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Business Security Applications

When viewing security from a business lens, there are just a few differences that need to be taken into account. First, acknowledging that a businesses purpose is to have more exposure than a personal residence means that there will be more opportunity for someone who intends to do harm to any person or property. There are employees who have access to secure locations and knowledge of the business, as well as the general public who can enter public areas at any time during business hours. Most businesses hold some amount of cash or objects of value, which also present an attraction for people to create the potential of danger for others. You're never going to know the intentions of every person who walks through the door of your business.

Depending on the size and nature of your business, a security guard service may be what you're looking for to maintain a security presence. Just like in a residential setting, an on site guard should be used according to the type of setting they'll be working in. Many banks use armed security guards, where a housing complex may use a concierge/security person. Each application will determine the level of training and ability that person will require to handle the expectations of that site. When looking at a guard service, it is probably most important to inquire on the training of the individuals the guard company requires, and what the company offers to keep their guards up to date. Companies who prioritize threat assessment and medical training should be at the top of any list Depending on the state you are in, laws vary, with some requiring state mandated compliance and others that require none. In each case, any location a guard is used for security, they should not be the only form of security present.

In order for any location to be properly secure, security technology is your best friend. Again, when it comes to cameras, they tend to only be as good as the people monitoring them. Can you have cameras set up to capture anything that happens on your premises? Yes, absolutely, but that is not security. You've installed a fancy system to collect evidence after the fact of an event. The police will be happy to review your footage, but those cameras did nothing to prevent that incident from happening in the first place. Cameras are important to have in place, but should not be relied upon as a form of security without any other measures.

Besides having a human guard in place to regulate the flow of people coming and going, one of the best ways to maintain access points is to install access control systems. An access control system can be accessed in a variety of ways, but they tend to use a keypad, key fob, or key card to gain access through a locking mechanism. Many more corporate offices have gotten on board with access control systems to regulate access to only authorized persons with the correct credentials. Can these types of systems be manipulated by someone who does not have access? Yes, but again these systems are only as good as the people monitoring them. Luckily, variations of this type of system can allow for monitoring to take place on site, or even remotely from a monitoring center off-site.

For any location, the best form of security is going to be a combination of each individual application. The best way to be sure your security needs are being met is to partner with a reliable consultant who will establish a security plan that makes sense for your particular business. An experienced consultant should have the expertise necessary to create a comprehensive security plan for your business. With the world as it is today, there is more to consider than just setting up access control systems and hiring a security guard. Other considerations, such as an active shooter plan should also be established and implemented, so all employees know exactly what to do in the event such a case occurs. Security is an important element in all our lives, and should be treated that way. Reach out to a professional who will be able to work with you to create a complete plan to meet all your security needs.

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