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Plans & Pricing

We offer two levels of access through online subscription plans for individuals who are interested in our unique SIMPAL Method training materials and consulting approach. Learn our methodology for threat assessment and security at your own pace through our online portal. Choose the subscription plan that works best for you.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Tier 1 Access

    Every month
    For the person who takes threat detection seriously
    • All SIMPAL Method training materials
    • Slide show presentation
    • SIMPAL Method overview
    • Member blog posts
    • Instructional videos (coming soon)
  • Tier 2 Access

    For anyone looking for an introduction to threat detection
    • The same training materials as our in-person class
    • Less than half the price compared to in-person instruction
    • Slide show presentation
    • SIMPAL Method overview

Tier 1 Access

Gain access to all our SIMPAL Method training materials in one place.  You will be able to reference everything you need at any time to keep you safe and successful. 

All training materials include:  slide-show presentations, SIMPAL Method overview, all blog posts, and instructional videos.

Tier 2 Access

Access to our SIMPAL Method training materials used for in-person instruction.  Get the basic essentials of our methodology to see the value it will provide your company, or for your own personal needs.

Tier 2 access includes:  Slide-show presentations and SIMPAL Method overview.

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